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With in the field of Bionergetic Medicine the are hundreds of 'styles' 'procedures' protocols' and technologies. The Bioenergetic Medicine Association has provided this article which dilineates the two.

Informational Medicine versus Energy Medicine

The term Informational Medicine has been more frequently used since around the turn of the century and we envision that the twenty-first century will be dedicated to further discoveries and increased use of the field of Informational Medicine.

The twentieth century was about exploring energy, also in the area of Medicine, just as the nineteenth century was mainly about discovering the power and use of substances – of chemicals – for cure. Predominantly it is drugs, meaning chemicals, that are used to heal today. In the context of the above, it becomes apparent that mainstream medicine is about two centuries behind the new developments in the field of medicine.

At Inergetix Inc. we took new steps to discriminate energetic modalities from informational ones because they are still very much confused. For example, homeopathy is often called an energetic medicine which leads to a lot of hostility with contemporary science, particularly physics, which objects that there is no known form of energy in homeopathic remedies.

All attempts to measure structural or energetic changes in homeopathic remedies, such as for example molecular clustering in the water solvent or spectroscopic signatures that are reproducible and characteristic for an individual homeopathic remedy, did not stand the tests of a more informed scientific community.

Inergetix Inc. has taken new steps that do not lean on the use of traditional concepts of physics – like energy, frequency and vibration – and its associated laws to establish the principles and objects of a complementary science now called Informational Medicine.

We did not make only theories or philosophies, but created a new technical system, the Inergetix-CoRe System, that applies these new ideas and tests their validity in real-life situations. There are now already countless testimonials of dedicated users that show that the Inergetix-CoRe opens up new and truly complementary avenues for healing.

It has become clear that informational components have always been important in healing. Homeopathy is the most prominent example of an informational modality. Its founder, Hahnemann, already understood that he could get similar results with a remedy whether he gave the actual preparation or just a piece of paper with the name of the remedy written on it.

Of course these were the very rudimentary beginnings of a new science, similar to when Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in the sky towards lightning in order to harvest some electricity, which almost killed him, while investigating the laws and use of Energy.

We see homeopathy as just such a rudimentary beginning of Informational Medicine in recent history, one that is starting to be explained and extended by the new developments of "virtual medicine technologies".

At Inergetix Inc. we view Informational technologies as truly complementary to already known, although still not generally applied, energetic modalities. Using energy such as electricity, magnetism, and sound is very beneficial in addressing many forms of disease, and therefore we integrated them along with the informational modalities in the Inergetix-CoRe System.

However the use of Information in all of its still largely un-researched forms, such as words, symbols, music, pictures, videos, and patterns, is the field of informational medicine and has completely different possibilities and limitations.

Energy for example is under the limitation of time and space, therefore energy (in the case of an unfocused form of transmission) decreases with the inverse square of distance from its source in density. In this way one can quickly discriminate that modalities like distant healing, which do not diminish with distance, are in fact not energetic in nature but are actually informational.

We are working on a compendium of the new laws of informational medicine because the laws of informational medicine are mostly different or even opposite to those of energy medicine. For example, from an informational point of view it makes no difference if one whispers a message into the ear of someone, hands over a paper, or tells the same to a person thousand of miles away over the phone, but the energetic effects are quite different.

These fundamental differences between informational and energetic principles, and even more so material principles, make it clear why many practitioners have great difficulty with, or even resist, new methods that use these principles.

The Inergetix-CoRe System, besides being able to generate frequencies in its various forms of sound, electricity or light, can also transmit the information connected to these frequencies.

Also, in addition to being a valuable tool for evaluating the needs and resonant aspects of a client without using an energetic connection, purely based on informational technologies it can also transmit selected information. Global Scaling is therefore the key new science of the twenty-first century that is already demonstrating many practical applications such as that of information transfer without the use of an energy carrier.

The reality and power of information is also becoming very obvious in the many forms of remedy makers that only use information to program various substances. This imprinting function is also possible in the Inergetix-CoRe System (please see screenshot below).

Also to more and more people it becomes obvious that the slogan "Everything is vibration or frequency" is actually outdated and based on an energetic paradigm. In fact it would be more appropriate to say that "Everything contains information" and that vibration in its more complex form of pictures and music contains a much greater amount of information than the simple waves presently used in frequency therapy.

Below you see a few screenshots of the informational aspects of the Inergetix-CoRe software such as remedy imprinting, scheduled broadcasts of informational remedies, and a customizable informational remedy tray that allows you to encode any remedy or concept that you can put into words. On the hardware side we also start out on new roads and incorporate informational knowledge, for example by giving biogeometric form to the hand electrodes and thus giving them a beneficial informational effect of their own.

Informational Broadcast
Informational Broadcast

Informational Remedy Tray (Click image to view full size screenshot)
Informational Remedy Tray

Remedy Imprinting
Remedy Imprinting