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The story of Bioenergetic Functional Medicine

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I have been utilizing Chiropractic, Acupuncture, meridian balancing along with nutrition and Applied Kinesiology for over 30 years. I was initially wary of the 'far out' ideas but I chose to blindly trust that after 5000 years of trials and errors, acupuncture and TCM had to have some merit.

I have watched the Bioenergetic field grow, from acupuncture balancing devices of the 1970's to the inter EAV units using EDS technologies. I still preferred my Applied Kinesiolgoy techniques, especially as my mentor Dr George Goodhart became the first Chiropractic Olympic team physician. Bio-energetics worked miracles for me utilizing muscle testing as my connection with the energy channels of the body.

  • Peripheral Neuropathy non diabetic of 8 years duration. One week after laser detoxification she came in and said you can tickle my feet. Now 4 months later she has sensation across 80% of both feet and is continuing to the toes slowly. This past week she had 2 toes with partial sensation.

  • Hypertensive patients all have shown improvement, most normalising with or without other medications.

  • Diabetics have also shown improvement particularly with the combined treatment of Life Force.

  • Hormonal Imbalance Although highly subjective, those who have continued past the 2nd month are all improving.

  • Fibromyalgia responses have been excellent but take several months and the longer the care the better the response.

  • Balance for younger people is instantaneous. For those with long standing issues all have shown improvement to some degree. My favorite is a 94 year old who took 10 minutes to walk 15 feet to the treatment room and 2 assistants to get him on and off the table. He stopped using his walker after 2 weeks. Now he takes about one minute (still slow) to get to the room. But he can shower on his own, get on and off the table on his own (8 seconds to get off now, normal 2-3 seconds). No he isn't't 65 but he is very functional with improved energy and balance. We recommended he continue to use the walker for safety. He used to fall several times per week. He has had only one fall now in 6 months.

  • Irritable bowel syndrome patients with more than 10 years of chronic digestive issues have near normal lives again. Interestingly when asked to tell there story they all say I am much better. When asked how bad their condition was they all say " it was really bad". They all seem to fear saying the word normal, as normal was something they never knew. Emotional issues also seem to clear, they all appear relaxed.

  • ADD/ADHD I haven’t had enough patients to clearly say what the outcomes would be. All had some dramatic changes in the first few weeks. One who had a fear of getting in the elevator, took the elevator the following week. They were definitely calmer

  • Autism patients also showed changes. common changes the first 2 weeks were less fear of surroundings, eating more foods they otherwise avoided. the most common was they began talking more. Interestingly they all had vaccination disturbances in the EDS and sensitivity to Mercury.

  • Ashbergers only one patient, he became comfortable being around strangers, started eating more foods and was less fearful much like the Autistic children

  • Neuralgia One specific patient who had neuralgia daily moderate for 2 1/2 years post Intravenous at the hospital. The pains cleared 80% in one week, and was almost gone, or non significant in 2 weeks.

  • Joint pains particularly hands, feet, wrist do well. there is no way to determine who will respond or not, much like acupuncture.

  • Emotional Balance appears very often and is usually associated with improved sleep.

  • Asthma allergies (airborne, foods, medications, chemicals, animals) all show improvement in my opinion better than any prior procedures. NAET protocols are part of the program. Past use with these have shown many miracles.

Bio-energetic Medicine is absolutely in its infancy. It utilizes quantum physics and combines 5000 years of Chinese acupuncture and meridian medicine, 200 years of Homeopathic knowledge, 100 years of Chiropractic knowledge, 60 years of Electrodermal screenings and EAV, 50 years of applied kinesiology, 40 years of NAET, 30 years of emotional release technique, 1000 years of Chackra balancing, all put together with 50 years of computerisation and based on the concepts of Quantum physics to give balance to all tissues at the level of the atom, thereby allowing THE NATURAL POWERS OF NATURE TO HEAL.

The basics of Bio-energetic medicine are really simple
EVERYTHING WE HEAR, SEE, FEEL IS MADE UP OF FREQUENCIES. These frequencies are emitted by everything. Every Atom gives off a specific frequency much like a finger print. body tissues also have the 'fingerprint frequency" Living tissue frequencies have normal average ranges just like blood work. The computer is able to screen 1000's of frequencies in a few minutes and when one is out of range, the computer can put in a series of remedial frequencies in, and when they create resonance or bring it to balance, the balancing frequency is held in the holding tank. At the end of the screening the abnormal frequencies are placed in order of importance and the computer can then produce a combined remedy made of the homeopathic signatures that have already been shown to resolve the abnormality. Upon imprinting or even just holding the remedy an instant strengthening and balance occurs. Long term creates better health, and specifically a reduction or elimination of symptoms.

Acupuncture works much like your television set. You plug in the TV and their is static. You hook up an antennae (now cable) and you can see a picture. When we moved the antennae around we got better reception or no reception. Acupuncture or meridian therapy, or Bi-energetics is the same. The remedy is the antennae, the brain is the TV. Frequencies go to the antennae to the brain which decipher them. go one step further. You own a computer. It gets slow (energized or overloaded), you run disc de-fragmentation which moves files or frequencies and the computer runs faster. You clean out the hard drive (detoxify) and the whole computer works better. Bio-energetic medicine is the same but in different terms.

You have a computer virus which stressed the computer, sometimes shutting it down or incapacitating it. You run a virus or malware scan (electordermal screening) which determines what the problem is, the you run the fix from the information gathered (Asyra scan then remedy fix) giving the end result of a computer that is optimised until the next overload or virus is injected.

If you are still not a believer in frequencies and the fact that they can be changed take a look at your cell phone. It operates on a specific frequency, that differs from everyone else. If you have bad reception the frequencies can be changed to improve it. If you have a bad cell tower they can fix it and allow your phone to work again. The phone is a a 'tissue' or 'Joey’s Phone thyroid". The company knows what the normal frequencies are and can adjust it to optimize your call . Does your phones frequency only go to you, or does it go right through you, me, and everyone else. The Asyra will show if your phone is affecting your electrical system.

Medicine of the future is here today and getting better everyday just like technology improves and changes our lives daily. come in for an Biomedical elector-dermal scan, let the results speak for themselves.

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