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Neurologic Organization and AK and Asyra BEM

Problems with neurological organization can lead to the following: Balance clears first usually on the first or second visit.

Poor coordination or clumsiness: Often the awkward child who is poor at sports actually has a problem with the organization of his or her nervous system. It can be effectively addressed with applied kinesiology.

Learning disabilities: This is a very common problem in children with poor nerve organization.

ADD/ADHD: There are many causes of this; one of them is poor neurlogical organization.

Structural problems: Sometimes complaints as mundane as knee pain, leg aches or “growing pains” can be caused by poor neurological organization. Postural problems and problems with general health may also have this as a cause.

The nervous system develops in specific stages. The spinal cord and medulla (lower brain) develops from before birth until the age of 16 weeks; only reflex actions are possible at this point. Between 16 weeks until six months the ponsdevelops making homolateral activity, and visual and auditory function possible. The midbrain develops between six months and one year, making cross pattern (crawling) activity possible. Between one and five years there is early cortical development; there is still mostly homolateral activity. Between the ages of three and eight years cortical hemispheric dominance (handedness) develops.

Problems with neurological development can be created with the developing nervous system by bottle-feeding a baby (always on the same side), use of walkers, trying to get a child to walk before he or she is ready, forcing a child to use eating utensils before he or she is ready, and trying to control handedness. In short, interfering with a stage of development or trying to hurry the next stage of development can create problems. Neurological disorganization can be caused by injury or illness as well.

When neurological disorganization is present the eyes may not function well together. This can create difficulty for the brain in perceiving the environment and possibly lead to learning disability. It may create problems coordinating the extremities and getting them to work well together. The child may be uncoordinated, have trouble dressing, or have trouble reading.

Balancing the body’s structure and chemistry utilizing applied kinesiology, Asyra BEM,and chiropractic can solve many health problems by addressing the cause. Our appoach is to bring about normalization or homeostasis. Make changes at the functional level where the body can then control itself. Please feel free to call our office to schedule a consultation to discuss this or any other health issues you may have.