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The practice of medicine is the practice of learning more each day from each and every encounter. New protocols are developed from a physicians experience, intuition and also his creativity. I have beta tested numerous nutrtionals and now th e Asyra Bioenergetic system. Each had ingredients which were determined to help the conditons were were reviewing, specifically hypertension, balance, and diabetes. The results were all favoable with a nomalization of levels using the nutrtionals and or Bioenergetic Asyra laser detoxification. If you have or know of anyone with any of the following please have them call me. The research trials do have a cost, which is about 30-40% of the nomal fees. We ask particpants to prepay $300 to $400 for the program which last 6 months. We have had positive results with each condition and desire to reduplicate on a small test group to prove the efficacy. The best study clients are those who have had complete medical workups without success, or those that cant afford the medical treatment and desire a more cost effective, safe and natural resolution.

1. Uncontrollable diabetes (must be under standard care)

2. Raynauds Disease

3. Balance disorders Extremely positive a quick results have been seen.

4. Multiple Sclerosis balance and heat intolerance

5. Hypothyroidism

6. Autism/Ashbergers/ADD/ADHD

7. Hypertension

8. Any Autoimmune disorder

9. Slow or non healing wounds.

10. Homonal imbalances PMS and Menopausal