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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Bioenergetic Medicine and AK

CTS has become one of the easiest condtions to treat conservatively. In conjunction with AK, Dr Cliff has been used cold lasers and the Asyra to clear the symptoms. Please read on to better understand this conditon.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of weakness, numbness or pain in the hand. The problem is caused by pressure exerted on a nerve that goes through the wrist known as the median nerve. The carpal tunnel consists of an arch formed by the wrist bones at the back of the wrist and a tough piece of connective tissue, called the flexor retinaculum at the front of the wrist.

The median nerve passes through the carpal tunnel. If it becomes irritated there may be weakness, numbness or pain in the hand. The condition can also cause symptoms in the arm, shoulder and even the neck. Another nerve, the ulnar nerve passes near some bony protrusions on the wrist and it can become similarly irritated. This is known as pisiform-hamatesyndrome. This has the same symptoms as carpal tunnel, just involving a different nerve. Nerve encroachment can develop from injury to the wrist. Sometimes the problem develops from repetitive stress. Hammering, pulling on a wrench or even a long time spent on the computer can cause this problem.

Dr. Cliff using applied kinesiology and other Bioenergetics can examine and treat carpal tunnel and pisiform-hamate syndrome, often eliminating the need for surgery. The doctor will test the muscles of the hand. If they are weak, the doctor will perform other tests to see if the muscle can be strengthened. In most cases, the strength returns within minutes. The Asyra bioenergetic laser seems to have the abiltiy to alleviate peripheral neuropathies.

It may be necessary to support the wrist with a brace, or elastic or leather wrapping. Supporting the wrist will prevent re-injury while the ligaments heal. Nutritional supplementation can help to speed the healing process and to help hold the structural correction. Balancing the body's structure and chemistry utilizing applied kinesiology, Bioenergetics and chiropractic can solve many health problems by addressing the cause. Please feel free to call our office to schedule a consultation to discuss this or any other health issues you may have.