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The DoctorRuss Tannenbaum

Dr. Russ Tannenbaum, D.C.

A prominent South Florida chiropractor since 1982, Dr. Russ Tannenbaum serves patients seeking chiropractors in Margate, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Tamarac, northwest Broward, and the surrounding areas. To date, Dr. Tannenbaum and his caring staff have successfully treated thousands of everyday injuries, work injuries and auto accident patients.

Over the years, Dr. Russ Tannenbaum of Margate, FL has cultivated an impeccable reputation for prompt, lasting relief from neck, back and joint pain, and a level of gentle, compassionate patient care that has earned him the admiration and respect of patients and chiropractors in northwest Broward. However, we attribute our routinely high patient recovery, satisfaction and referral rates to a unique, multi-disciplinary approach towards patient care that transcends those offered by other Margate chiropractors.

As a Margate chiropractor and expert medical advisor, Dr. Russ Tannenbaum offers the latest and most effective chiropractic services in Margate, acupuncture services in Tamarac, Applied Kinesiology in Coconut Creek, massage therapy in Margate, homeopathy in Coconut Creek, rehabilitation in Margate, nutritional programs in Coral Springs, physical therapy in Margate, bioenergetic medicine in Coral Springs, and Asyra in Margate…all from a single location!

Dr. Russ Tannenbaum’s extensive expertise spans a wide array of proven therapies and modalities that are ideally-suited for a prompt recovery and resumption of your normal lifestyle and activities. His intimate knowledge of chiropractic, nutritional and holistic principles enable Dr. Russ Tannenbaum to customize a treatment plan that offers fast pain relief, corrects imbalances throughout the body, and restores normal function, range of motion, movement and functionality.

We cordially invite you to review our website, and explore our comprehensive selection of chiropractic services in Margate. With convenient day, evening and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule, Dr. Russ Tannenbaum makes it easy to secure fast pain relief, and enjoy optimum health and wellness on an ongoing basis

Contact us to schedule your appointment today, and get started on the road to recovery without delay! You’ll be glad you did!

Wishing you health and happiness,
Russ Tannenbaum D.C.

What Dr. Tannenbaum’s Patients Say…

“From the moment I entered the Margate chiropractic offices of Dr. Tannenbaum, I treated with the utmost care and compassion by the doctor and his courteous staff. They wasted no time in correctly diagnosing my injury and treating me, and I was back in action in far less time than I ever would’ve imagined at the time of my injury. Highly recommended!” J.S. Margate, FL